Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Our Idea To End Childhood Hunger!

KidsCookUSA is back with a new idea!

We sent our 1000 kids/1000 recipe blog and idea on to Mrs. Obama. We're still waiting to hear from the White House. We'll definitely keep you posted. LOL!

This summer, we had a blast swimming and reading and eating ice cream and loving life with no school. But then it hit us. While working on our recipe blog, we had so much fun going to cooking classes and even going to a cooking camp, Operation C.H.E.F, we wondered if we could keep collecting recipes. What if we could get chefs, sports heroes, musicians, celebrities, fireman, and even our school principal to come up with real recipes for us kids to make by ourselves (or with a little bit of grown-up help) - not just mac and cheese or scrambled eggs - but REAL FOOD that kids could make for family meals and be proud of.

And then, what if these guys would even teach us in person how to make these recipes? Our immediate wish list includes tons of famous people but we also would love to learn from grownups who care about kids in our own neighborhood. Where we live in Northern California, we are sure there are plenty of restaurants, fire stations, SF Giants or San Jose Sharks players that would teach us to make a meal without using chicken nuggets. :)

Our plan is to collect a bunch of recipes and share them in our KidsCookUSA cookbook and donate money from the cookbook to Share Our Strength, a non-profit program trying to help end childhood hunger.

So...we are on the hunt for our first brave chef to invite us to his or her kitchen. Let us know if you know of anyone. Maybe you can come with us.

Here's to kids helping each other out!

Michael and Georgia