Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Chefs Move To Schools Program

We just heard about a really cool thing that is about to change the way kids eat lunch at school We may even decide to start eating hot lunch again since we've been packing our own lunches for the past 2 years.

Mrs. Obama has a new part of the Let's Move campaign called "Chefs Move To Schools" and it is such a great idea. She is asking chefs to volunteer time to work at their local schools to come up with better food for lunch. Is that brilliant or what? We have something at our school called deli day which sounds kids of good but the piles of slimy mayo egg salad and tuna fish are disgusting. It would be awesome if one of our local chefs came up with a better lunch idea.

Check out your local news to see what chefs might be making a visit to your school!!

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  1. We think what you are doing is great! We wish you luck big time. Follow us on twitter also, cause we followed you, and want to watch your progress! XO
    Wendy & Sherry